5 Amazing Dog Mom Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season to be jolly and buy each other presents! 🎅🏻 If you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself looking for gifts until the last second… It can be hard to decide what to get someone! 🤯 My Christmas shopping usually starts at the beginning of the month, but on the 24th I’m still trying to get ‘that one thing.’ 😅 There’s just so much fun stuff out there!

That’s why I’ve made you a list of my favourite dog mom gift ideas and where to find them. 🐶♥️

Remember to involve your dog in the festivities as well! 🐶🎅🏻

1. Personalised dog decorations

The Crafty Giraffe makes the cutest personalised decorations. You can get tree ornaments, but also keychains, mugs, platters, cards, and more! Our whole tree has been decorated with wooden replicas of all our pets. It’s amazing how much they look alike, even my cross breeds! You’ll have to browse a bit, but it’s worth it. They even engrave your pet’s name.

2. Dog mom clothing

‘Stay at home dog mom’, ‘Merry Woofmas’, ‘Full-time dog mom’, ‘Dogs, books and wine’, … 🐶🍷

These are only a few of the many T-shirt quotes hanging in my closet. Whenever I enter a shop and there’s a shirt with dogs or a funny quote about them, I just can’t resist. 😬 Just yesterday I bought this black one for only €3 at Primark! One of my favourite brands for these (among other things) is Wholesome Culture. That’s where I got this sweatshirt.

4. Matching collar and bracelet

One of the coolest Christmas gifts I ever got, was a friendship collar. My best friend gifted me a beautiful, high-quality collar for Naya, and a dog mom bracelet that matches it. You can add charms to put on the collar, which can be a fun thing to collect through the years – and a small gift idea for next year. 😉

5. Bracelet with charms

Another gift that I treasure, is my Pandora bracelet. Every new place we go in the world, we go to their store and get a charm to remember our trip. Because of this, my bracelet has lots of sentimental value. 🥰 They have special dog mom designs and plenty of dog-related charms. You can also find plenty of pretty charms from other brands to customise your bracelet.

These are some of my all-time favourites. Another thing that always makes me happy, is a nice canvas with pictures of my dogs. You could also offer them a fun day together or a weekend getaway, dogs allowed. Or what about a stuffed animal that looks just like their furry friend? The possibilities are endless, really!

What’s your favourite dog mom gift idea?


  1. Feelings Carefree Avatar

    Definitely good gifts for dog moms or dog lovers!!

    1. nayathenomad Avatar

      Glad you like them!

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