Meet our pack!

husky dog at the beach sea

The Pack Leader

  • 3 year old girl
  • Loves the exact right amount of belly rubs
  • World champion mice hunting
  • 2019 ‘The Voice’ winner
girl smile travel

The Momager

  • 29 years young
  • Writer
  • Doggo trainer
  • Family travel agent
man in burano venice italy

The Papa Bear

  • Has the age of Christ
  • Poop scooper
  • Carrier of tired doggos
  • Our personal Bob the Builder
mixed breed dog in dolomites italy

The Vagabond

  • 7 year old boy
  • Grumpy old man
  • Loves his peace and quiet
  • Secretly a big cuddly bear
brindle dog in dolomites


  • 3 year old boy
  • Big Friendly Giant
  • Thinks he is the size of a chihuahua
  • Loves pawing your face
brindle dog in snow

The Destroyer

  • 3 year old boy
  • Also known as ‘Sir Barkalot’
  • Fav snack: rocks & plastic
  • Grey haired men = the enemy
stafford in venice italy

The Sticky One

  • 12 year old girl
  • Heart stealer
  • Fart dealer
  • Would crawl inside you if possible

västgötaspets swedish vallhund dog jack russell

The Sheriff

  • 14 year old girl
  • First of class
  • Model child
  • Loves tapdancing when nobody’s watching
small dog in between pumpkins

The Smiley One

  • 2 year old girl
  • Makes everyone fall in love
  • Walks like a little duck
  • Always looks like she’s smiling

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