5 Fun Ways to Involve Your Dog In Christmas Festivities

Christmas is the season of togetherness and happiness. From having a delicious dinner with the family to listening to Christmas carols around the fireplace, the festival brings us closer to each other. 🥰

Since Christmas is all about celebration with family and friends, we shouldn’t forget our furbabies! 🐶

From baking delicious snacks to dressing them in Santa costumes, you can involve your pup in the Christmas celebration in multiple ways.

Here are five ways to ensure your pet doesn’t miss out on the festivities. 

1. 24 Days of Surprise with an Advent Calendar

Counting the days left for Christmas is fun for most of us. This practice excites us as we anticipate gifts and family get-togethers. Buying an advent calendar to count the days while receiving a surprise daily enhances the fun.

You can always gift your dogs customised advent calendars. This is a fun way to include them in the festival. Open the slots filled with treats to enjoy the countdown to Christmas. 🎅🏻

There are multiple designs of advent calendars available in the market for affordable pricing. However, you should opt for the brands that offer quality food or treat filled with nutrition. Don’t forget to check the ingredient list before purchasing an advent calendar. This would ensure that your dog doesn’t get food allergies.

We made our advent calendar with toys and treats. The dogs all love it! Unfortunately, most toys from the first week have not survived until the last one. 😆

2. Dress Up Your Pup

The 21st century is addicted to Instagram (guilty!) and achieving that perfect #OOTD. From posting Christmas makeup tutorials to creative outfits, the fun never stops. You can include your fur baby in this fun by dressing them up in cute costumes. 😍

Multiple outfits are available in the stores, like Santa costumes, elves, reindeer, Christmas trees, and more. Select the costume and the outfit size that suits your pup, and click their pictures with a pretty background. I personally love taking pictures in front of the tree because it creates the perfect bokeh.

However, you should ensure that the dress material is soft for the pup. If your dog hates wearing costumes, never force them!! It is always essential to respect your dog’s boundaries and make them comfortable. Christmas should be fun for everyone. Naya, for example, hates wearing costumes or hats, so I’ll only put a bandana or something on her collar because she’s okay with that.

3. Let’s Go on a Magical Winter Walk

The best part about Christmas is taking a walk and enjoying the atmosphere. The whole town is decorated with glittering lights and Christmas decorations. Take your dog on this winter walk and help them witness the beauty of Christmas festivity. 🎄

Take your dog to explore new locations, look around the neighbourhoods or visit a dog cafe. If you have gifted your dog a new collar or dress, it’s the perfect opportunity to show it off!

Don’t forget the magic of the forest. Nothing says ‘Christmas’ more than beautiful pine trees covered in snow. 🌲☃️

4. Bake a Christmas Cake for the Pup

What’s better than eating fruitcakes with your family? Why not treat your dog to a delicious meal? If your dog has a sweet tooth, it’s the right time to spoil your pups for the holidays. 🍰

Bake a healthy cake by mixing flavourful ingredients like pumpkin, liver, lentil and chickpea. 🥮 You can also bake a cupcake that compliments your pup’s dietary requirements. You can decorate these cakes with veggies or dog treats to make the perfect ‘cherry on the cake’.

5. Let Your Dog Open Gifts

If you have a dog, you’re aware of your dog’s addiction to crinkly wrapping papers. 😅 Gift your dog the perfect gift and let them enjoy the sensation of unwrapping them.

Once your dog gets the taste for ripping the paper off presents, the fun won’t stop for a long time. Since we usually unwrap gifts with family sitting around a Christmas tree, this can be an ideal time to shower your dog with love

 Hopefully, this article will help you celebrate Christmas festivities with your dog in a fun way. Don’t forget to cuddle your fur baby with love and adopt more dogs to spread joy. 🥰

Here’s wishing you and your pup a Merry Christmas! ♥️

How do you include your dog in the festivities?


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