Naya the Nomad

Hi! My name is Nathalie. I’m a Belgian girl living in Andalusia with my 11 dogs, one cat, and boyfriend.

Naya is my number one travel buddy, the dog leader of my pack. She’s an adventurous husky who loves people, the beach, and many long hikes. She’s always with me. Together we find the best travel locations, and dog-friendly bars, shops, Airbnb’s, hotels and restaurants for you to try!

I’ve travelled to 27 different countries so far, of which I did 12 with the dogs. Being a social media-savvy writer has allowed me to work remotely. In Belgium, I used to have my own doggy daycare, and I’m a certified dog trainer.

This blog contains articles related to canine behaviour, tips and tricks as a dog parent, and lots of travel content. My main focus shifted to Spain, as I just moved here. But you’ll find blogs about many different countries, as we still love to travel, and have done so a lot in the past.