Amazon Favourites

We’ve made some lists with our favourite products. Dog stuff, clothing, camera, books, travel gear, … We even made a Naya list for active doggo’s and a Yoda list for lazy ones!

Tractive GPS tracker

What a lifesaver! Just clip the tracker to your dog’s collar and never be afraid to lose them anymore. You can also track their activity through an app. It’s so addictive, haha!

Use code NAYATRIBE for a 20% discount!

Dog Chef Fresh Food

Our dogs have never been healthier! The meals have been slow cooked and then frozen. It’s super easy and they even deliver to your door! I wouldn’t know what to do without it anymore.

Use code NCM5159 for a 30% discount!


Al├Ęze by Eden & Paracademy

Order custom made paracord leashes or get a DIY-package to try it yourself!

Use NAYA10 for a 10% discount!


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