Everyone Should Have These 5 New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is here, which means it’s time to set some resolutions! 🎉

These past two years have been rough on all of us. But they’ve also made us realise a few things, like the importance of taking care of our body and soul. This year, we won’t be setting any resolutions like ‘hitting the gym twice a week‘. We all know those don’t last longer than three months anyway!

So which resolutions should you have this year?

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1. I will be kind to myself

Life is hard enough as it is. There will always be someone to criticise you or bring you down. No need to do that yourself! Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself as you would your best friend. 👩🏼‍❤️‍👩🏻 In shitty situations, ask yourself: ‘What would I tell my best friend if they were going through this?’. Pretty sure you’ll come up with comforting words instead of judgement.

2. I will pay more attention to the small things that make me happy

It sounds silly, and I used to hate those cliché signs ‘Enjoy the little things’, but if COVID taught me anything, it’s that. I used to live such a high paced life, rushing from one thing to another. I never stopped to smell the flowers. 🌸 Walking my dogs was just one of the many things that had to be done that day. Now I enjoy these walks more than anything. I’m in awe of the beautiful skies and daily sunsets. 🌅 Seeing the dogs run free and hop in the fields like little bunnies makes my day. In the evening, I look at them, all knocked out on the couch, and think to myself: ‘How lucky am I?’.

3. I will celebrate every tiny victory as if it’s a big one

If you only celebrate the big wins, there might not always be a lot to celebrate… which ain’t true! Those tiny victories all contribute to the bigger picture in the end. So if you celebrate every little accomplishment, you’re basically just spreading the big celebration over time. 😉 You’ll feel a lot better about yourself and a lot more motivated to continue working towards your big goal. 🥳

celebrate every victory

4. I will let go of all negative people in my life, as they do no longer serve me

It’s hard letting go of people you’ve known all your life. But sometimes, it’s the right thing to do. What used to be your friend, can now be someone who drains your energy every time you talk. Surround yourself with positive people that cheer you on. 📣 I know it can’t be sh*ts and giggles all the time, and it is essential to be there for a friend who’s going through a rough patch. But there’s a difference between someone who’s feeling a little off for some time and someone who’s constantly being negative. You don’t need that. Not now or ever.

5. I will do what I want, as long as it harms no one

Maybe you’re not crazy about your job, and you can’t afford to quit right now. But while you’re looking for a job you like, you can still do something for yourself every day. Take a long bath, see that movie you want, wear that dress your sister thinks is ugly. 💃🏽You’re doing this for YOU, no one else.

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2022?


  1. Harriet Avatar

    Love this! These are my new resolutions 😍😍

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