Day Trip To The Peony Fields

After seeing some gorgeous pictures of dogs in flower fields, I decided to look for one close to where we live. Actually I was looking for a tulip field, but found this one with peonies instead.

You can visit the fields for free and dogs are more than welcome!

There are many kinds of peonies and you’ll see different ones depending on when you decide to visit.

After your visit, you can buy beautiful peonies to put in a vase or plant in your garden.

My mom and I went with Naya when the weather was quite gloomy, which added a nice vibe to the pictures.

Some weeks later we decided to take Bruce and Peluche when the sun was out.

We had so much fun visiting this beautiful place! It is definitely worth a visit.

The domain is called Graefswinning. It’s located in Nieuwerkerken, Limburg, Belgium.

Q: Have you ever been to a flower field? Where was it?


  1. Harriet Avatar

    Sooo pretty! Love the vibe of the cloudy day photos so much. I haven’t really been to any flower fields before apart from the lavender one in France that time but would love to find somewhere around here. I will have to do some research for next spring!

    1. nayathenomad Avatar

      It was also the first one we’ve ever been to but it was so pretty! I hope to find more in the future.

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