8 Reasons To Add Olive Oil To Your Dog’s Diet

Olive oil has numerous health benefits for humans. We don’t only use it in the kitchen, but also as a cosmetic for skin and hair. 💁🏼‍♀️

Olive oil contains healthy fats, has an anti-inflammatory effect, is packed with antioxidants and can aid in weight loss. In addition, daily use reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. If olive oil has so many good qualities, is it true that our dog benefits as much as we do?

The answer is YES! We’ve listed all the facts for you.

why olive oil is good for dogs
Peluche is loving it!

1. It’s yummy!

Do you want to spice up the dog food with a nice taste? In addition to adding herbs and spices (which will be tomorrow’s blog topic!), you can also add a spoonful of olive oil to their food. Dogs love it! 😋 Our slow cooked dog food is always prepared with olive oil.

2. Longer life expectancy

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats. As a result, it has a positive effect on cholesterol levels and consequently reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. The risk of diabetes is also significantly reduced when you add olive oil to your dog’s diet. Just as it is for us humans!

3. Better immune system

The antioxidants in olive oil help the immune system to defend itself better against all kinds of culprits. There are certain periods during the year when your dog becomes weak, such as the transition between summer and winter. Give your dog an extra spoonful of olive oil during the changing of the seasons or when he’s recovering from an ailment. This way you give his immune system a positive boost. 💪🏼

olive oil good for skin and hair
Naya might need some more convincing…

4. Healthy weight

Does your dog put the hunk in chunk? 😏 Chunky dogs might be cute, but it less than ideal for your pooch. The healthy fats in olive oil stimulate fat burning in fat cells. Olive oil also reduces insulin resistance, i.e. it increases insulin sensitivity. This way, the excess pounds will fly off a little faster. We’ll soon publish an article on how to know if your dog is overweight and what to do about it.

5. It’s poop o’clock!

Olive oil is beneficial for bowel movements. It’s a natural remedy for constipation. The hardened stool literally slides better. 💩

6. Brain food 🤯

It may not make him any smarter, but olive oil does counteract the aging of the brain. Give your dog a little bit of olive oil every day – especially if his nose is already turning grey – and keep him young for longer!

Don’t you think he should do olive oil commercials?

7. More stamina

Olive oil improves circulation and makes breathing easier. It helps with asthma in humans, but would also help dogs that naturally have respiratory problems. Certain breeds such as bulldogs and pugs are more prone to breathing problems due to their flat noses. A splash of olive oil in their bowl can literally lighten up their day. 😤

8. Mirror on the wall 🪞

Olive oil is also a great cosmetic for dogs. The oil gives their skin and coat a huge boost. It contains Vitamin E and Omega 9 and is full of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are the ingredients in plants, or the bioactive substances in plant food with which plants defend themselves against insects and infections.

Instead of spending a fortune on specialty shampoos, a dull or flaky coat can already benefit from a little olive oil. You don’t need to put olive oil in your dog’s coat! Just mixing it with his food is enough.

If you would like to add some olive oil, it is best to use extra virgin olive oil. A tablespoon a day for big dogs, a coffee spoon for small ones. Don’t give too much, otherwise your dog might get diarrhea!

Have you ever used olive oil in your dog’s food? Please share your experience with us in the comments!

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