Top 5 Goals For This Year

My house is a mess and my mind is chaos but I LOVE planning. 😍

It’s funny ’cause I’m actually super organised when it comes to how apps are arranged on my phone, the folders on my desktop, the inside of my bathroom cabinet and so on. I’m almost autistic when it comes to unplugging cables after you’ve used them and on which square centimeter a piece of decoration needs to be. 😅

But my freshly washed clothes? No way they’ll end up in the closet within the first two weeks. 😬 My head? Almost exploding with ideas that are waiting to be implemented. 🤯

Planning helps me to achieve my goals. Next week I’ll make another post about the different planning tools I like to use. So what are my goals for this year exactly?

Amalfi Coast

1. Move to Italy and become a full digital nomad

As many of you may know already, we’re moving to Italy in September. To be able to do that, we want to be full digital nomads. We’re on our way, but we’re not fully there – YET.

We have several online businesses, some of which do better than others. My main focus is my crystal shop, where I sell crystals, jewelry and other things that I make myself. So we’ll be taking a lot of crystals with us to Italy! 🙈

Most importantly I’m a copywriter. This means that I write blog posts, website content, ads, and even entire books for other people. I love writing – so much that I started this blog on top of my daily work! ☺️

2. Be a successful blogger and YouTuber

No one starts a blog or YouTube channel without wanting even a tiny bit of success. My goal is to inspire people to live their best life. Whether that means traveling for 6 months a year, having the time of your life with your pooch or becoming your own boss.

We strive to make educational as well as entertaining content. If you have any tips or feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

3. Create a passive income stream

Being an entrepreneur can be scary at times. Especially during these times we live in and if you have mouths to feed. I don’t mind living in a small house and eating crackers for a week, but the dogs need a big garden and the best nutrition they can get. So having a passive income stream that gives me the peace of mind of knowing that we’ll be okay even when times get hard, is really important to me.

4. Learn something new every day by reading a book every month

January 1st, 2021: “I will read a new book every week.” L O L . That worked out great! Not. I’ve now changed my New Year’s resolution to one book every month and guess what? It’s March and I’ve read four already so GO ME!! 😂

No, but seriously. It’s so important to keep learning! You don’t have to read books to learn, although it’s a great and relaxing way of doing so. We also listen to a lot of great podcasts, watch YouTube videos and documentaries. Need some inspiration? Here you go!

5. Be more vulnerable

2020 had a rough start. I lost my heart dog Obi the day after my grandmother to whom I was very close passed away. A few months later my grandfather died as well. But it was also the year I met Philou. I actually met him shortly after the passing of my dog and grandmother and for a long time, I felt angry that they didn’t get the chance to meet.

goals for 2021

Being vulnerable is not something I’m good at. Actually I really suck at it. My feelingshave always been extremely intense and I tend to get overwhelmed… So as a defense mechanism I kinda shut down. Crying in front of other people? The wall I’ve built inside of me won’t let that happen. Talking about how I feel? Ugh.

All these defense mechanisms have actually done a very poor job. They left me even more broken. So now I’m doing my very best to be open and vulnerable towards the people I love, especially my significant other. Slowly but surely, it’s working. It helps me cope with my grief in a constructive way.

Look at me being all vulnerable with you guys! 👏🏼

(I was always better at expressing myself through writing.)

In the video below I go into further detail about each goal. ☺️

Now I’d like to hear from you! What are your goals for this year? Please share with us in the comments!

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