The Best Spooky Movies For Dog Lovers

It’s that time of year when we cuddle up with our furry friends, grab some popcorn, and indulge in some Halloween movie magic. If you know me, you know that I’m a BIG Halloween fan! 🎃 I love dressing up the dogs, decorating the house and of course a movie night shouldn’t be missing!

Even though I used to love horror movies, I now prefer the ‘cosier’ films, if you know what I mean! Here are some hauntingly good Halloween movies featuring our favorite four-legged companions!

It’s not a cosy movie, but it’s a Stephen King classic! And given that my mom’s dog is named Cujo, I couldn’t leave this one out! Cujo, a once-friendly St. Bernard, turns into a nightmare for a small town when he contracts rabies. It’s a nail-biter that’ll make you double-check the lock on your front door.

Probably my all-time favourite Halloween movie! This classic has it all: witches, magic, and a talking cat named Thackery Binx. It’s a must-watch for any Halloween lover, and the presence of our feline friend makes it even more special. The sequel came out last year, but nothing beats the original one!

Tim Burton is hands down my favourite director. My first dog was named after my favourite movie growing up, Beetlejuice! Nightmare Before Christmas features Zero, the ghostly dog with a glowing pumpkin nose. He’s adorable and adds a heartwarming touch to this spooktacular tale.

Zoinks! You can’t have a Halloween movie list without Scooby-Doo and the gang. Join Scooby, Shaggy, and the Mystery Inc. crew as they unmask ghouls and ghosts. It’s a nostalgic trip back to our childhoods.

Another Tim Burton gem, this film follows young Victor Frankenstein as he brings his beloved dog Sparky back to life. It’s a tale of love, friendship, and the lengths we’d go for our furry family members. Have you ever noticed that Frankenweenie, Zero and Scraps (Corpse Bride) seem to be the same dog and young/adult Victor might just be Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas?

Dracula’s lavish resort for monsters is a riot, and the inclusion of Tinkles the Were-Puppy is just too adorable to handle. It’s a howling good time for the whole family!

Remember, while enjoying these spooky flicks, make sure to have some pup-friendly treats on hand for your dog. It’s only fair that she gets in on the Halloween fun too! Click here for some nice recipes! 🎃

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