How To Teach Your Dog To Read In 5 Simple Steps

Dogs can’t read – or so we think – but this is a funny little trick to teach your pooch!

It’s fairly easy, in the video below we just practiced for 10min. and Duvel already got the hang of it! ☺️

You just need candy and a book with pages that are not too sharp so your dog can’t cut himself.

Time to teach your dog how to read!

Step 1: Pick a book that matches your dog’s size. We took a big atlas since Duvel is a big dog and we love to travel. 🌍❤️

Step 2: Put the book on a non-slippery surface so it can’t slide away. As you can tell in the video, I didn’t think of that at first so Dudu needed some help keeping the book close to him. This way your dog can’t push the book away when he’s trying to flip a page.

Step 3: Hide some treats behind the first pages. If your dog puts his nose close to the book, praise him. If he attempts to flip the page, cheer him on!

Step 4: Once your dog has figured out how to flip pages to get treats, quickly take away the treats before he can grab them and give them to your dog once he has flipped the page.

Step 5: Make him work for it! Increase the number of pages he has to flip before getting a treat. Before you know it, he can read an entire book!

You can also attach a command to it by saying ‘read’ every time he flips a page. Same as you would when teaching basic stuff like ‘sit’.

Be patient. This has to be fun, above all else! Not all dogs learn equally fast, some might need a little more help from their dogmoms and -dads! 🥰

What cool trick does your dog know?

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