6 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In September

September has arrived, and with it comes the hint of autumn. The summer heat is finally gone, making this the perfect season for new adventures! In this blog, we’ll share some great ways to have fun together in September. 🍁

Autumn brings beautiful changes in nature. 🍂 The colourful leaves, cool breeze, and the scent of fallen leaves make it the ideal season for long walks with your dog. Explore local parks, forests, or trails and enjoy the stunning autumn scenery. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture those special moments! 📸

Dogs love to sniff and hunt. Organise a fun treasure hunt in your backyard or at the park. Hide some treats or toys and let your furry friend use their nose to find them. It’s a great way to mentally and physically stimulate your dog.

The arrival of September also means the start of pumpkin season! 🎃 Use pumpkin to make dog treats. Pumpkin is rich in fibre and nutrients, and many dogs love it. Try pumpkin biscuits or make pumpkin ice pops for a playful refreshment. It’s also an excellent addition to their daily meal. I always add pumpkin to their raw meat. It does wonders for an upset tummy!

Autumn offers a gorgeous palette of colours and a picturesque landscape. Why not plan a photo shoot with your favourite model? Choose a lovely location, dress your dog in their best autumn outfit, and let the photo shoot begin. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful shots you can capture. Don’t forget to bring treats or something else to grab their attention! 🎾

Look for dog-friendly cafes in your area. More and more places welcome dogs on their patios and even inside the establishment. I’ve rarely been denied entrance with my (big!) dogs. Enjoy your pumpkin spiced latte and order your dog a pupaccino. 🍦

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time for your dog to learn some new tricks if he wants to get a lot of treats on October 31st! 👻 Training strengthens the bond between you and your dog while keeping their mind sharp. Plus, it’s fun to see how proud your dog is when they master a new trick.

September is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with your dog before winter arrives. Whether you love long hikes in the woods, cosy autumn photo sessions, or simply making pumpkin treats together, this month offers plenty of opportunities to create unforgettable moments with your faithful friend.

So, put on your autumn jacket, grab your dog’s leash, and embark on an adventure! 🍁🐾

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