10 Amazing Reasons Why Your Dog Is The Best Travel Companion

We often get asked how we do it: travelling with this many dogs. People think travelling with dogs is stressful, but it’s quite the opposite! I’m way more stressed when the dogs stay at home! What if something happens while we’re away? Do they know we’re coming back? Are they not feeling too sad? 🥺

Naya always makes a scene when we leave. She either doesn’t want to return inside the whole time we’re gone or lies in front of the door, waiting for us to come home. The pictures my dad sends me break my heart. That’s why we take her almost everywhere. She’s happy, I’m happy.

Here are 10 reasons why you should take your dog with you on your next adventure:

1. You strengthen your relationship

How often do you spend the whole day with your dog? Most of you probably don’t take your dog to work with you. You get caught up in chores and other stuff when you come home. I bet you don’t spend as much time with your dog as you’d like, and I’m sure your dog agrees! Travel together and make memories you will cherish for a lifetime. ❤️

2. You explore on a different level

When you travel with your dog, you’ll explore more on foot instead of always using public transport. You’re more likely to get off the beaten track, and slow down to take in the view while your dog is discovering new smells.

3. Meeting people gets easier

Do you know how they say a dog is the best wingman? Nothing gets people more eager to meet you, than your dog. With Naya, I often feel like a celebrity, everyone wants to say hi and take pictures of her. Not to mention Yoda in the backpack… 🙈

4. Your dog always agrees with you

Nothing is as annoying as travelling with someone who wants to lay by the beach all day while you want to explore the city and take a hike in the mountains! Your dog is happy to do whatever you want! Talk about a dream travel companion. 😏

5. You’ll never be alone

As much as I like being alone and doing my own thing, sometimes you need companionship. Who would you then rather have by your side than your best friend in the world? 🥰

6. Dogs bring joy and more fun

Even on the shittiest moments when nothing goes as planned, I look at my dogs, see their happy faces and wagging tails, and you know what? Suddenly it all doesn’t seem that bad anymore. They make you laugh by being derpy, and you can play together or meet up with other dog lovers for a playdate! 🐶

7. You go places you otherwise wouldn’t

They may be cute, but they need to poop. So you’ll make stops where you otherwise wouldn’t, go out late at night when it’s cold and see a sky filled with a gazillion stars. 🤩 You might discover a local restaurant around the corner, and meet that older man sitting in front of his house on a little wooden bench who tells you marvellous stories. My fondest travel memories are often those of the most unexpected moments and meetings.

8. It’s enrichment for your dog

Dogs need mental stimulation. They love learning and exploring new things. They will have the best socialisation if you travel with them early on. Naya isn’t afraid of anything. She’s used to all kinds of people, animals, traffic, loud noises; you name it! Even our rescue dogs that came to us when they were older and had trauma benefited greatly from our travels. Slowly but surely, they’re coming out of their shell. ☺️

9. It’s good for your soul

It’s scientifically proven that spending time with your dog releases the ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin. Spending time with a loving companion that makes you laugh, combined with lots of snuggles and playtime, makes us happier overall.

10. Your selfies will be way cuter

No one wants to see a hundred pictures of you standing in front of some historic buildings. Boring! But your dog on a gondola in Venice? In front of the Eiffel Tower? By the Grand Canyon or Taj Mahal? Yes, please! I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Your dog is just way cuter than you.

I could come up with a million reasons why you should travel with your pooch, but I’ll finish by saying: DO IT. You’re gonna love it!! And so will your four-legged friend.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about traveling with your dog?

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